Ram Venkatachalam is a business consultant, community leader and ten-year resident of Loudoun County.  He and his wife, Seetha, live in Brambleton and are raising a daughter who is in kindergarten and a three-year-old son. Ram is the product of a diverse educational background, starting in a home school environment, followed by a small community school, then moving to larger public schools when he was older. He has a deep appreciation for education and the importance of providing the best opportunities possible for Loudoun’s children.

Ram has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering and master’s degree in Computer Science. In his consulting capacity, Ram specializes in strategy work for Business, Technology, Management areas and plays key leadership roles for organizations.

Ram has been involved in public service since 2013. He currently serves on the Loudoun County Transit Advisory Board (TAB) as the Blue Ridge District Representative and has served the Brambleton Home Owners Association (HOA) as resident elected Vice-President and Director and has served as an election officer in local, state and federal elections. He graduated from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office’s Citizens Police Academy in Fall 2016, where he learned of issues facing the county and how quickly issues can be resolved with community engagement.

As Brambleton resident elected Vice-President, Ram helped establish the Brambleton community center as one of the host sites for the Community and Schools Together program to help students with special needs transition out of high school, which has helped fuel his desire to maintain and expand LCPS’ community partnerships. CAST program is now moved to the newly opened Brambleton library since December 2018. He understands the importance of attending to kids with special needs. Ram also worked with Loudoun County Public Libraries to offer Tamil books collection.

Ram was elected to the Brambleton board in November 2015. He worked to introduce Residents 101 program for the HOA to be engaged with residents. Before being elected to the Board, he served as a resident volunteer on the Covenants Committee. As a Committee member, his responsibilities included regulating the external appearance, use, and upkeep of properties in Brambleton, which helps maintain homeowner values.  He also helped to revise the home owner guidelines, offered recommendations on a variety of covenants-related matters, and advised on the same to the Board of Directors.

Ram also volunteers at various community events in Brambleton, Blue Ridge District and in Loudoun County. Ram and his family also volunteer at local food pantries and DC Central Kitchen to prepare meals for the underprivileged.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart”.     – Anonymous

Ram professionally had the opportunity to travel the world and various parts of this great nation, where he had the opportunity to meet with people from various backgrounds in life – starting from a small town called Aberdeen, WA state (where Kurt Cobain of Nirvana is from) to Atlanta, GA to Boston, MA to the Bay Area. Those opportunities gave him experiences that stuck to him and made him a better person who wants to be in public service.

Those experiences remind him every day that “Any problem can be resolved. If there is a problem, there’s always a solution”.